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Shanghai Doctor Computer Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise provides professional weak current system integration and IT product sales. our company committed to modern communication engineering , weak current integration technology services and product sales over the years. With our company culture of friendly, open, rigorous, and a large number of outstanding talent, our company provides comprehensive, timely and suitable professional services for foreign countries, property developers, enterprise and institution, and customers in other fields.

our company has rich practical experience in weak current system projects(including PDS cabling, computer networking, security system, Private Automatic Branch Exchange(PABX), broadcasting system, access control system, Building Automation System(BAS), Communication Automation System(CAS), Office Automation System(OAS), Room Construction, Boundary alarm system etc.). More than 20 professional weak current engineer and hardware maintenance engineer(printer, fax machine, duplicator, laptop, or other office computer equipment)with experience in week current over 4 years. our company has obtained the certification about MCSE, CCIE, CLP, CNE,SI, etc., of Microsoft, Cisco, Lotus, Novell, AVAYA, etc., and national intelligent building engineering contracting qualification certificate.

our company pursues the purpose of ¡°reasonable price and quality service¡±, and provide customers the best quality products and services. With the continuous development of our company these years, we maintain good relationships with HP, RICOH, LENOVO, PANASONIC, SIEMENS, APC, DELL, and other suppliers. And we established long-term partnerships with FedEx, ADIDAS, TNT, ELI-LILLY, UPS-SCS, GE, KOHLER, MOTO, SONY, NESTLE, and other international well-known enterprises. We believe in the near future, our company will have better prospects.

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